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Shirt of 56 Drops of Blood in black Size S,M,L,XL
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Interview with Tamás Mihály
Tamás Mihály  

     How did the most productive member of a real rock group think of he has got to compose the filmtracks of great success film 56 Drops of Blood?


     I have already been asked to compose a track of a film or Theatral pieces but I longed for to compose a huge work long time ago. With the great help of Dr Nagy, Endre it became real in SportsArena, the  largest stage of the Country in huge scenes.


     There was a great acceptance of the musical in Tata. The students and all the people there could attend seven performances free due to local government's support. After screening three times the audience could meet the creators and actors of the story. They missed you much. Why did not you attend?


     At the same day I had to be in Warsaw, where also 56 Drops of Blood was premiered, to salute the Hungarian Revolution. But on the very same day I received the news we could please 2.000 people in Tata where all the invitors and guests enyojed the talks and also the local authorities played a great role in organization and hospitality.


Budapest, 20th February 2008.   György Lobenwein

56 Drops of Blood in Komarno and Los Angeles all at the same time

A sculpture is being prepared to Attila Kaszás in Komárno.
(Press release)

A collection was initiated by the Komarno Hungarian community for the artist’s sculpture in Tatra cinema with audience meeting of 56 Drops of Blood in Komarno on 13 December, Thursday in the afternoon where the artist's childhood was spent.

 13. December. 2007.    Ildikó Hornek

The 56 drops of blood is on screening for the Oscar in Los Angeles
(Press release)

Director Attila Bokor travels to Los Angeles , to take part on overseas screening for the Oscar.

Budapest , 7th December 2007.      Ildikó Hornek
Attila Kaszás received the Posthumous Award for Hungarian Art
A Magyar Művészetért Díj  (Press release)

    Attila Kaszás received the Posthumous Award for Hungarian Art on the Awarding Ceremony from the Foundation for Hungarian Arts on 25th November. Next to the posthumous Awards the living Hungarian Arts Awards and the István Bubik Award are celebrated this day in Bishops Palace in Nagyvárad.  Attila Kaszás's Award is hanled by founder Dr Lajos Gubcsi and Producer of Film 56 Drops of Blood Dr Nagy,Endre to artist's mother.

The Award is supported also by Grantfilm.

29th November 2007. 

56 drops of blood getting started - account of experiences about the American premier


From their experiences related with 56 drops of blood American screening, framers of the film also reported on 7th November, after receiving of Audience Award Michael Curtis in Los Angeles Hungarian Film Festival from Bunyik Béla, organizer of the program.
On press conference at Vajdahunyadvár attended those who were not present on overseas event Pintér Tamás (Lion) and Palcsó Tamás.

15th November 2007.  Nóra Pogonyi

Tamás Mihály and András Szalai followed the film to Warsaw
In Polish capital also with pleasure they would trade the 56 drops of blood.

Tamás Mihály and András Szalai in Warsaw

Tamás Mihály - András Szalai

On invitation of director István Gordon of Hungarian Institute of Warsaw to Polish capital traveled cameraman András Szalai and Tamás Mihály 56 Drops of blood composer on 26 October. In Warsaw 51st anniversary of revolution ’56 one of outstanding events was screening of 56 drops of blood film.

14th november 2007  Ildikó Hornek
56 drops of Blood became nominatable for Oscar

Audience Award for the Film in Los Angeles Hungarian Film Festival

(Press release)

Béla Bunyik handles over
Béla Bunyik handles over
the Award to Attila Bokor

 56 drops of blood was nominated to Academy Award - informed Attila Bokor those who were present on the ceremonies on 7 October in the morning with Béla Bunyik and framers of the film in Vajdahunyadvár Anonymus Restaurant.

Béla Bunyik organizer of Los Angeles Hungarian Film Festival handled the Audience Award, the Michael Curtis Award to framers of the Film that news reached the travellers at home preliminarily.

Tamás Pintér and Attila Bokor  

Tamás Pintér and Attila Bokor
introducing DVD
Tamás Palcsó is glad
  Tamás Palcsó is glad
on the Award

Attila Bokor- Béla Bunyik - Tamás Mihály - Endre Nagy

Attila Bokor- Béla Bunyik -
Tamás Mihály-Endre Nagy

Photo: Grantfilm Production - András Bozsó

56 drops of blood a great success in Los Angeles
Film screened to the Members of the Jury of Golden Globe on Sunday
(press release)

Musical 56 drops of Blood next time to be screened to the Members of the Jury of Golden Globe on the Seventh Los Angeles Hungarian Film Festival in the Beverly Hills Laemmle Music Hall Theatre on 14th October. This musical started its successful life as an opener on the Festival that was awarded with full house of interest and so many famous film experts mentioned honourably about the film…

It was right to write a musical piece about the revolution.
Tamás Mihály
 Interview with Tamás Mihály preparing to America

Name of Tamás Mihály is ringing on an acquaintance to all Europeans. Originates from a musician family, as the bassist of Group Omega he travelled so many countries of the old Continent. In its common days of glory with Omega, an even long haired rocker wearing jeans with his music even today throws public - in the Stadiums - crammed into fever, however he is starting onto his newer field to conquest in a little while. On Opening of Hungarian Film Festival in Los Angeles the American public could enjoy his composition.
56 Drops of Blood on the

Please check the link below:

56 Drops of Blood was the Opening Film in Eger

(Press Release)

At the Slow Film Festival in Eger the opening film, 56 Drops of Blood was screened with great success to a crowded audience in the Urania Cinema. 

The last week of July was the busiest week for decades in the Urania Cinema. It is in this time of the year that the Film Summer University has been being organized every year for 32 years. This year, between 21th and 27th, preserving the traditions of this Summer University, the Slow Film Festival was being called into being by establishing a totally renewed event or a foundation of a brand new film festival. This is basically involves films of high standard that focus upon details, which present the world from a starkingly new angle. From all over the world there were 250 films from 31 countries. During the festival in both halls of the cinema the screening was uninterrupted and these awaited all those who were interested and film lovers.

The Festival was opened with 56 Drops of Blood Saturday, at 17.30 on 21th of July. After the overwhelmingly successful screening, those present could become acquainted with the producers and actors, Tamás Palcsó, Mónika Veres and Attila Bokor.

 Egri programfüzet borító
   Nyitó nap programismertetője szórólap          Programfüzet 56 csepp

  Budapest, 27th of July 2007.  Ildikó Hornek

Tamás Palcsó' Ticket to Cannes - 56 Drops of Blood
(Press release)

  The 56 Drops of Blood is to be screened at the Cannes International Film Festival
(its original name in French is Festival international du film de Cannes) that is
the filmfestival of the greatest fame and has the highest prestige. The selection
of films at all times reflects the latest work of top-ranking directors.

  The French distributor, Clavis Films has invited the main character of the film,
Tamás Palcsó to be present at the screening, which will be at 4 o'clock 22nd of
May, 2007. The French distributor's invitation include Attila Bokor, the director
of the film and Dr. Endre Nagy, the producer. The Grantfilm Produkció that has
produced the film will also be present at the filmfestival along with the French
distributor on a joint exhibition stand.

  Budapest, 13th of May, 2007
Ildikó Hornek
Tamás Mihály was Awarded for the Music of 56 Drops of Blood

(Press release)

  Tamás Mihály was awarded this year's prize for light music writers by ARTISJUS for
the music of the film and musical titled 56 Drops of Blood.

  This prize, which is awarded annually by the founding Board of Association of
ARTISJUS, was handed over to the winners with all due solemnity on 11th of May,

  The aim of this prize is to provide acknowledgement and instigation to the
contemporary Hungarian musical and literary art production. The year of 2007 is at
the same time a prominent event as it is the 100th jubilee of the legal
administration of music. The prize is a bronze work of fine arts accompanying a
certificate. Prizes were awarded by the Board of Association of ARTISJUS, apart
from the prize for the year's Hungarian folk song in which the final decision was
made by a vocational committee.

  The whole set of music of 56 Drops of Blood has already been released on CD, songs
performed by: Attila Kaszás, Tamás Palcsó, Mónika Veres, Mónika Hoffmann, Zoltán
Miller, Ildikó Keresztes, Lajos Miller Lajos, Zoltán Seress, Péter Forgács. The
songs were written by Péter Horváth.




  Budapest, 11th of May, 2007

It's unbelievable but 50 years have passed since
the 1956 revolution! It's time we remembered it the way
it really should be remembered.
Let's make a film!
A musical!
A story of Romeo and Juliet!
A son of a freedom fighter and a daughter of a communist
officer during the revolution…
Who's going to write it? Who will compose the music?
Naturally, my good old friends, no doubt:
writer, Péter Horváth and composer, Tamás Mihály.

Tamás Pintér
original concept

Press feedback
Press feedback on the stage performances of 56 Drops of Blood
in the Budapest Sports Arena, October 2006:

"Dashing music, spectacular scenes, overwhelming moments of remembrance."
Vasárnapi Hírek

"The show is undeniably effective: crowd scenes, a firefight, military vehicles, and the team of totally committed actors gave the thankful audience a thrilling night out. Once again Attila Kaszás and Zoltán Seress left us in no doubt that they are excellent actors, and Ildikó Keresztes and Zoltán Miller have all the skills a musical actor need."
Magyar Narancs

"The composer of the music of 56 Drops of Blood, Tamás Mihály from the rock band Omega, has created an amazing cavalcade of music genres: pop-jazz, Latin-pop, pop-musical, rock opera and Omega-style tunes…"

"There's never a dull moment on that huge stage. In some scenes the action takes place at three or four locations simultaneously. Powerful choreography, stunts and tanks make the scenes colourful. Some of the songs, written in excellent style by Tamás Mihály, sound like definite hits. It's a real joy to hear live music fill the Arena."

"Composer Tamás Mihály has moulded the revolution that took place half a century ago into a form which is fully understandable for everyone, including today's young people, through genuine rock music."
Helyi Théma